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Super Powers

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

When I was a young girl, I would lay on the floor with eyes glued to the television to see Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince.

She was strong, formidable, beautiful, and graceful. These were all things that I aspired to be.

What I remember most about the original Wonder Woman character is that she was a fighter for good. She was strong without being stressed. She was formidable without being forceful. She was beautiful without be boastful. She was graceful without being grandiose.

In my life, I endeavor to lead my daughters and other young people to their path of greatness. I help them to put on their super power capes and straighten their crowns.

My super power is motivation and a vision for the future. My golden lasso is an honest tongue willing to tell the truth. My cape covers my shoulders that have broadened with age and wisdom. My head gear is my bejeweled crown of glory - a symbol of my faith.

My territory has been enlarged to encompass a global citizenry. I openly invite conversations that uplift and enlighten me and others. As part of my crew, you too are a part of this enlightened path of warriors for good, truth tellers, strong leaders, and gracious gathers of knowledge and understanding.

I encourage you to look to your sisters and brothers and help them to put on their capes and straighten their crowns. We have to watch out for one another, as we hold each other accountable.

The garments of a super hero cannot be worn by everyone. They must be earned. Parents all over the world are super heroes to their children. Good bosses are super heroes to their employees. Loyal friends are super heroes to their tribe of friends.

What’s your super hero power and who are you influencing?

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