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Options and Opportunities

I like to add honey to my nightly cup of tea and as I made a cup of my favorite lemon zinger tea recently, I noticed that my bottle of honey was running low. I really like the lemon-infused honey, so I got online to order a new supply.

As I scrolled, I noticed that there were many options, not just in the lemon-infused variety, but there was orange and vanilla-infused honey too. I went down a rabbit hole looking up the many varieties of teas as well. This search made me appreciate how many options we have today, to enjoy tea, food, fashion, books, etc. from all over the world. It's all at our finger tips.

Then, I thought about the massive opportunities that exist to create items that people want and need around the world.

The word "options" refers to things that are or may be chosen. "Opportunities" is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something." Before the option, comes the opportunity. Look around you, there are still many issues to resolve and many needs to meet. Those needs or wants, are just opportunities yet to be realized in form.

Every service, class or program that nonprofits provide are started out of a need. Every store is filled with the options procured to fill the needs and wants that people have. Every thing -- begins with -- a thought. So the first task in meeting the needs and wants of your customer or client is to think.

Think about what problem you'd like to solve? Think about what need or niche you'd like to fill? Ask yourself what's missing or lacking in your industry?

Next, research the potential partners, investors and customers. The results will reveal the opportunities that exist.

Recognize that even if others have the product or service, you may have a better, different, or more effective way of delivering it. Competition simply means that the opportunity exist and you can add an option for buyers to choose from.

Throughout my career, I have created and started several services, classes and programs as a Goodwill Industries executive. I always look at what my community is in need of and how we might respond to that need.

For example, my team and I saw a need to serve previously incarcerated men and women, so we launched our ReEntry Program, which has helped hundreds of people get back on their feet and become contributing members of society. A few years later, we launched a new program to help people get jobs in the IT sector. GoodTech Academy offers certifications through hands-on IT classes, teaching everything from IT Fundamentals to Cyber Security. Then in the midst of Covid, another opportunity arose to provide a six-month leadership bootcamp to entrepreneurs of color.

All of these offerings add to the list of options at Goodwill Industries of East Texas. Our graduates and program participants now have many opportunities to choose from in terms of employment, educational attainment, and business growth.

Check out the options available to you and watch the opportunities that present themselves in your business, organization and career.

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