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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There are dreams calling you to step up to the front of the line, but what if the front of the line is not where you’re used to standing? What do you do?

A talent or gift is showing up more and more at work, and others are noticing. They’re encouraging you to step into bigger roles of responsibility, but you feel safe in your cubicle. What do you do?

You’ve finished yet another degree or certificate, but when the recruiter calls, you think about the co-workers that you would be leaving behind. What do you do?

I’m glad you asked. When your dreams, goals and aspirations are keeping you up at night or they're on your mind first thing in the morning, it’s a signal that it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and make the next step that’s beckoning you.

I heard a minister say recently that our comfort zone is killing some of us. What is your comfort zone keeping you from doing and keeping you in a place of comfortable crisis or chaos.

Personally, I’ve stayed on jobs longer than I needed to, and in relationships longer than was healthy for me to be in. I stayed because I was resting in my comfort zone, even during times, when the comfort was mixed with chaos.

I’m reminded of a saying, “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.” Neither is good and I had to learn how to break free from both.

Breaking free from a place of comfort that’s stopping you from growing or succeeding is not always easy to do, but it’s necessary to move to the next step.

Breaking free is a mindset. First, you determine in your mind that it’s time to get out of your comfort zone to accomplish your dreams or move to the next step towards happiness, and not just comfort. Once you’ve conquered the fear and doubts in your mind, begin making plans for the “move” out of your comfort zone.

I'm an advocate of planning and praying, so make sure that you’ve done both, so that you won’t have any regrets about making your move. Take a chance on yourself, and be ok with being uncomfortable and seize the opportunities that are knocking at your door.

Perhaps you have a book bursting to be written or a song longing to be recorded. You’re the right person to accomplish those goals. It won’t necessarily come easily and it will take time and money, but it won’t happen unless you get out of your comfort zone.

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