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Get Busy: 7 Tips to Drive Action

This is the season to get busy. When I say season, I’m not talking about Fall, or the holiday season. I’m referring to the season that I feel deep in my stomach. It’s the season of no more excuses or delays. So whatever is hindering you move it out of the way. The time is now!

Hindrances don’t dissipate or eliminate themselves – you do that. I may sound a little evangelical, but I want to urge you to get busy. There’s a new business opportunity; a new idea for a product; a new strategy, a book, blog or podcast with your name on it and the world needs to hear from you.

Everyone has value, but far too many times I’ve seen friends and family diminish their worth, and each other. They say things like, “you can do that, you have the resources,” or “you can do that because people listen to you.” Well I didn’t always have the resources that I have now and there were days when I didn’t feel like I was being heard or seen.

In 1996 I had that burning desire to do something different – something special. I liked my job as a reporter with the Post and Courier newspap