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You're Being Watched

Have you ever walked into a restaurant or some setting and you could feel eyes following your every move? Perhaps like me, you’re a “PK” (a Preacher’s Kid), which automatically cast you in the spotlight with every deed being broadcast across the church and throughout the community.

As a “PK,” I’ve always felt as though everything I did or said was under scrutiny. I got used to living my life under a microscope and even when I would try to move normally, like my friends, they were quick to remind me that all eyes were upon me.

I learned to move like I was being watched, because I truly was. I still move with that same intention. You won’t catch me out in public dressed inappropriately or acting unseemly.

In business, leaders must be careful not to say or do things that could negatively affect the company’s brand. We’ve seen how an ill-tempered deed or a careless tweet cost someone their job.

Companies with a brand or mission that reports to respect all people, can easily be smeared by one employee making a racist or sexist remark. In this society where everyone speaks their mind and broadcast their political, social and religious views, it’s difficult to know where to draw the line.

How “honest” or “transparent” should one be?

Whenever I think about telling it all or “keeping it real,” I think about one of my dad’s commentaries when he would see someone acting a certain way. He would say “not everything is for public consumption.”

I hold true to that concept. Somethings should be kept private and out of public view, less they be subjected to public opinion.

You might also consider how you carry yourself and how you treat others says about you. And, how your words and actions might inspire others to do great things.

You see, your walk and your talk--moves and speaks for you. How you treat the waitstaff at a restaurant or your co-workers leaves an imprint that can’t easily be erased if it’s a negative one.

Just as I’ve learned how to move like others are watching me, I watch people to see how they move. Throughout my life, I’ve learned how to be more gracious, kind, and considerate from those I admire.

My hope is that my walk paves a way that inspires those watching me to move with greater intention so that they move like they’re being watched, because they are.

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