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Working Your Way to Worthy

Sometimes when things don’t go the way you planned, you might think that you didn’t work hard enough or want it bad enough. Sometimes, subconsciously you may even believe that you don’t deserve that nice house or great job. I’ve been there and I can tell you that there’s nothing that YOU can do to truly be “worthy,” of good things happening to you.

Why? Because you are indeed worthy. No one has made all of the right moves or best decisions in life, nor has anyone made all the wrong moves or wrong decisions. Everyone has a place in this world and is deserving of love, kindness and success in whatever way they imagine it be. But, there, that’s the issue – how do you imagine your life to be?

We are what we think about. Whatever you feed grows. If you feed doubt and despair, doubt and despair grows. If you feed love and kindness, then love and kindness grows. If you can’t imagine a luxurious or even a more comfortable lifestyle, and all that comes to your mind is poverty and struggle, then poverty and struggle will be your lifestyle.

You may be a positive thinker and a hard worker, but somewhere along the way, you might have forgotten about your dreams. Are you satisfied with barely getting by? I used to pride myself on how far I could stretch a dollar. There’s nothing wrong with being frugal and money conscious, and I still consider myself a thrifty person. However, I realized that I was stopping my blessings by not believing that I was worthy of much more than I had.

I had a job that I enjoyed which paid the bills. I had a house, a car and all of the things that I needed. I thought I had no right to complain or desire anything more. I didn’t think I was worthy of the kind of life I saw that others living.

I thought I had to be a someone great, someone highly revered to receive more than I had. I had worked for my house, car and material things. I had saved my coins and not bought myself much of anything in years just to make ends meet. I was used to the struggle and quite frankly I was good at it.

So when an opportunity came for me to move into a much better paying job and to buy dream house, I flinched. The feeling of unworthiness was heavy on my shoulders, but then I realized that my life was a testimony. What kind of testimony could I give pinching every penny and turning away from the blessings set before me?

I have learned that you can’t work your way to worthiness. Yes, you have to work to advance your career and to serve others. Your work and service is the rent that you pay to live here on earth. But, you can live life of your dreams too.

Your imagination is greater than your feelings of worthiness and your desire to walk in success is the path that will lead you there. So while you’re working, keep your mind on what will bring you joy and imagine all that life has in store for you.

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