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Winning or Spinning?

It’s great to be on a winning team. Everyone cheers you on and the doors of opportunity fly open. But, what if that isn’t the case? What if some bad choices or missteps in business result in negative financial returns, lost contracts and fleeing staff.

Do you know how to turn it around? Do you go into a litany of excuses as to why the business is failing? Do you reach out to Board members, colleagues or consultants for help?

Are you "winning" or "spinning?"

I was watching an episode of a reality television show and one of the people said to another person on the show who had gone through a very tough and public divorce something like “you know why you’re moving on with your life and doing well in your business ventures and he isn’t? … because your winning.”

That simple statement resonated with me because I see that a lot these days. People seem to be in a constant crisis mode. I think it’s a combination of the life changes from COVID, the illness itself, deaths, masks, isolation, and job loss or fear of job loss. The economy is following suit with high prices at the gas pumps and at the grocery store, supply chain delays, rising interest rates and falling stock market returns.

All of these things sometimes causes people to “spin” out of control. People blame others for their lack of motivation, their failures or bad choices. People strike out at each other as tempers flare and emotions run high. I’ve seen this in the workplace, in professional settings, and in the community.

Despite coming out of the pandemic, the effects remain embedded in our society. It will take time and self-management to operate effectively going forward. Here are a five tips on how I manage my emotions:

1. Pray - acknowledging that my connection to God is bigger than any issue I might face

2. Taking responsibility for my choices and decisions, without wallowing in self pity

3. Journal to clear my mind

4. Doing something regularly (at least weekly) that I look forward to – a walk in my garden, a bubble bath, and reading a good book

5. Keeping an ally in my corner (a friend or family member that I can talk to)

If you see a co-worker, friend or family member spinning out of control, reach out to them. Your words of encouragement might be just what they need to hear and part of a winning team.

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