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Window Shopping

Retailers reported that while Black Friday crowds were near pre-COVID levels and sales were pretty good, many customers were disappointed because of product shortages. While stores advertised highly coveted electronics, for example, the quantities were extremely limited.

This made me think of how important it is to set realistic goals. These goals can be “stretch” goals, but attainable. Your goals should also be ones that are within your control to affect. When you are dependent on outside forces, it limits your ability to source your own success.

My oldest daughter and I had a conversation about goal setting this week and she said something profound. “You don’t want to window shop your own success, you have to step into it.”

In other words, don’t just keep thinking and dreaming of your success, without taking steps towards your goals. You have to step knee-deep into your own affairs. Don’t wait until the new year to turn over a new leaf. Set your goals now and establish your action plan.

I recommend a few steps to help you level up in the new year:

1. Set three big goals for the year

2. Pinpoint mini or micro goals to help you achieve each big goal

3. Start on at least one goal before the end of the year

If you start walking into your destiny now, you’ll be ahead of the game in 2022. If your business or company needs help setting goals, use this same method. I am always amazed at the progress my team makes, shortly after writing our 3-year strategic plan.

We get excited about the goals and immediately start taking steps towards them. We devise action steps for each goal, which might include additional staff or equipment to realize the goal.

Your success is in your hands. Others might complement your talents, but the dream is yours or your teams’ to accomplish. So remember, don’t just window shop your own success, step into the store and make the purchase.

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