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What's Your LOGO?

I've advised a few people starting new businesses recently and one of the first questions they all have is what their logo should be?

When considering a logo, my advice is that it should be simple, unique, memorable, versatile for various platforms, produce a subliminal message, and evoke a message, memory or feeling.

This guideline works for both the creation of logos and the re-creation of individuals. Yes, you can remake who you are and how others see you.

Great leaders do it multiple times throughout their careers. Look at Clarence Birdseye, the creater or frozen food in 1928, whose family had gone through bankruptcy years earlier which forced him to drop out of college and move to a remote area in Canada. I'm continuously working towards self-improvement.

So if you think of yourself and your brand of know how as a logo what would the logo be? Furthermore, what would your tagline be? In short, what handful of words describe what you offer to the world?

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