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Some people are simply unforgettable. They walk into the room and their very presence lights up the space. Their conversation is enlightening. They may have an infectious laugh or a smile that makes others feel seen.

The world needs more smiles, laughs and positive conversation. The world needs more illuminators. Are you an illuminator or a light dimmer?

Illuminators are those who see the glass half full. They see the unfilled portion of the glass as opportunities to serve or grow as individuals. They gleefully volunteer to plan the office Christmas party or a co-worker’s birthday party. They volunteer to help with a work or community project. They talk to strangers and spread joy simply by being themselves.

Light dimmers are people who find fault with everything and everyone. They think that the cards are always stacked against them or that someone is out to do them some dis-service. They assume that those who have done well in life are just “lucky” or that they’ve schemed their way to the top. They talk about what other people should do, but fail to do those things themselves.

Growing up, I had wonderful examples of unforgettable people with illuminating personalities. My parents were my first examples. Our house was always open to guests. My dad cooked big meals daily with extra food just in case someone stopped by. My mom was known for her baked pies and cakes and always made several extra Sweet Potato Pies or Pound Cakes wafting of butter and pure vanilla for neighbors. They were known for their good nature and generosity throughout our community.

Just recently, I met a young man, Kadavion Bush, who impressed me with his zest for life, his hard work and determination to start a business and succeed. He has a plant business, Natural Stone Plant Company, and he loves educating people about them and how to care for them. His smile is infectious, his generosity of time and talent is admirable, and he reminded me that everyone can serve and in doing so, find success.

I got several gorgeous Mums from him at the start of the Fall season and recently several beautiful Poinsettias. I've adopted him as my plant guy and every time I have an opportunity to chat with him, I feel that our world is in good hands. In short, he is unforgettable.

My daily goal is to live a life that honors the unforgettable people who have touched my life and to do so I too must be unforgettable.

Here are a few steps that I take to live an unforgettable life:

1. Be authentic – let your yes be yes, and your no be no.

2. Be kind – don’t spread gossip. Treat sales clerks and wait staff well.

3. Be friendly – you must show yourself to be a friend to have friends.

4. Exercise grace – cut people some slack when they make a mistake.

5. Be generous – with kind words, thoughtful actions and acts of service.

Walking the extra mile to do something for someone may not always be convenient, but if it brings a smile to their face then to me, it’s worth it, and if it makes me unforgettable in a good way, then I’ve fulfilled my goal of honoring those unforgettable people that have touched my life. If sharing home cooked meals and desserts or selling beautiful plants and teaching others how to care for them is what brings joy to you and others, then that makes you unforgettable too.

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