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Turn Your Hobby Into Cash

I don’t make resolutions. I set goals and make plans. I make changes to my life based on those goals.

This year I decided that I wanted to enjoy my hobbies more, such as cooking and decorating. To make it even more fun and hopefully encourage others to live a life that they see in magazines and on social media covers, I started posting pictures and videos on line.

The response has been very encouraging. Viewers wrote me that my video of a ham and cheese crust less quiche encouraged them to try the recipe, or a dining room table vignette sparked a decorating bug in them. It’s the little things in life that makes each person special.

Find the things that bring a smile to your face and share them with others. I bet you’ll find more than just common ground. You’ll find that “special” thing that makes you shine. You might even find a way to turn your hobby or interest into extra cash or a new business.

I help my clients to turn their gifts, interests, and hobbies into businesses. There’s a quote by Marc Anthony, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life again.”

Now, let’s be clear, even a fun hobby turned into a business is hard work. Any business requires commitment and consistency.

I started Motivational Muse, LLC in the matter of a week, including a website, but the real work followed.

It’s in writing consistently, posting on social media, weekly podcasts, webinars, and speaking engagements. Whether you have a product, a service or a particular skill that others would find valuable, you have to get clear about what your secret sauce is and be committed to working on your craft every day.

Contact me to learn more about identifying your secret sauce and how to transform it into a business at

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