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Turn Every Challenge Into An Opportunity

Kimberly Lewis - As Seen On Forbes

Kimberly B. Lewis, Author, Coach, Consultant, President/CEO of Goodwill Industries of East Texas and owner of Motivational Muse, LLC. My oldest daughter asked me a few days ago how I was doing as a leader, with so many challenges hitting all at once. At first, I sighed and then I laughed. I told her that I'm actually doing fabulous — things are really popping for me. I explained that although there have been many challenges this year, both personally and professionally, I've thrived. I'm 60% optimistic and 40% realistic. I believe it's important to see the challenges, but instead of crumbling under the pressure, dig beneath the muck and mire and create opportunities.  As a business or nonprofit leader, you can spend days, months and even years stuck in worry. Or you can look for one thing that will change your circumstances. Instead of giving yourself 10 reasons why