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The Greatness In You

Do you believe that you have greatness in you? Do you believe that you are capable, smart enough, strong enough, creative or innovative enough to truly do great things?

As we walk closer to a sense of post pandemic normalcy, innovation is taking on more depth and there’s more demand for cures to various illnesses, economic stability, and more flexibility at work. It will be you and I that will develop new ways of doing things, better ways of working and closer relationships.

As we speak some whiz kid is developing a new app that will make sourcing healthy food around the world a snap. Social media will be a source of true connection and not a place to throw jabs at others. Education will be open and free to everyone and crime will be a thing of the past.

I believe it and I eagerly wait to see it all come to fruition. While I wait, I also work. I work in my capacity as a Goodwill Industries leader, a business consultant, a writer and speaker. I do what I can, with what I have, right where I am.

Henry David Thoreau said “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the live you have imagined. In living the life that you imagine, you life more fully, you give more generously and you do more earnestly for others. If each person endeavored to live better each day than the day before, then my vision of this wonderful world would be a reality and would exude the “greatness” that I see all around me bursting to get out.

I see this greatness in my employees, who come to work with positive attitudes determined to make the day great. I see it in the steps of those we serve daily, pressing their way to learn new skills, or practice interviewing techniques as they strive to improve every day, despite barriers, like a previous incarceration, a lack of a high school diploma, specialized training or living with a disability.

In the presence of all of those barriers, there is greatness – it’s called the human spirit and we can all do amazing things when we go confidently in the direction of our dreams. If you begin on this journey and do so with confidence and determination, you will come across many positive aspects of life that reveal a sense of freedom from any and all limitations.

Brush off all entanglements that whisper “you can’t.” Continue to push, crawl, walk and run toward the life that you want to live. It’s the life you deserve if you will only press toward it and do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

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