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The Definition of the Good Life

This morning the air is still and cool. It’s one of those days where all seems right with the world. My two daughters are home for a short holiday visit and we’ve enjoyed lots of laughter, good food and thoughtful conversations.

This is the good life. The good life, doesn’t just happen. It’s a combination of intentional steps, purposeful teachings and learnings, and prayer.

I’m sure that my parents and grandparents would include hard work in their definition of the “good life.” I have been diligent and intentional in my work, and yes at times, I had hard decisions to make and tough situations to overcome, but I wouldn’t consider it hard work – necessary work perhaps, but not hard.

My parents and grandparents worked on the family the farm, and on jobs that required physical labor – so indeed they worked hard. I have a small garden that I putter in from time to time, so it hardly qualifies.

What’s your definition of “the good life?”

Is it a warm bed to sleep in and knowing that you can pay all of your bills? Is it the time and money freedom to buy what you want and travel when and where you want? Or, is it a quite cool morning, with a hot cup of coffee.

I asked my daughters to describe their idea of “the good life” and my youngest said that having a good life is having a good career that you enjoy, making good money and having a family. My oldest daughter said having all of your needs and most of your desires met.

We all have a slightly different view of what having “the good life” means. I don’t think it means “having it all” with no problems or concerns. We all have issues and situations to overcome in life.

However, if you keep a positive view of life, continue to dream and envision all of the things, people and circumstances that are most pleasing to you, and then take intentional steps towards making those things a reality, then I believe you will indeed being living “the good life.”

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1 Comment

Honor 144
Honor 144
Dec 31, 2021

My definition: Living and having lived a life of gratitude with tremendous peace. Not always worry free but knowing that I would come out okay (times better than okay) on the other side.

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