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Season of Rebirth

This is the season of rebirth. There are beautiful small white flowers blooming on the dogwood tree in my front yard and I can only think about the snow covered buds from just a few weeks ago.

Sometimes, life seems as though it is at a standstill or that your dreams and desires are frozen. However, if you give it a little time, with a little sunshine and nurturing, the most amazing blooms appear.

We are all like the delicate white blooms on my dogwood tree. We hunker down beneath the bark in the dark and cold moments. When our ideas or buds begin to form, we feel the chill of doubt and fear. But hold on, the time of rebirth is here. We need the space and time to nurture our ideas. Once that happens, we burst with amazing experiences in our personal and professional lives. The key is the “nurturing.”

We all need to be nurtured and we all need to nurture something or someone. I’ve heard wiser people than myself say that what you want most in life to happen to you, you make happen for others, and I’ve found that to be true.

If you want an amazing career, then support someone else’s new business or help them to develop a new skill on the job.

If you want an amazing home, then nurture the space that you’re in now. Paint the walls, plant some flowers and invite friends over to enjoy your space.

If you want an amazing relationship with your children or your spouse, then help a parent who is struggling with their children or provide a gift card to a couple to go out to dinner.

In short, be the change you want to see. Encourage the newness of life and the rebirth of dead dreams by nurturing the spot where you’ve been planted.

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