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Saying Goodbye To Yesterday

There’s a song from the 1975 soundtrack of the movie “Cooley High” entitled “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday.” It was recorded years later by the group Boyz II Men. The title and subsequent refrain is absolutely true for people who are dear to us or things that are important to us, but it’s equally true for things that need to be cast to the side.

During the pandemic, in particular, many things were stripped from us. Our social activities have been cut completely out over the last couple of years. Some people lost their jobs or the way that they were used to working. We lost time with family for fear of exposing our loved ones to the virus.

Things have returned to some sense of normalcy for the most part and our active lives are taking shape once again. Public places have reopened and people are more comfortable going out. Patrons have returned to amusement parks, gyms, cruises and movie theatres. However, somethings I have said goodbye and a happy farewell to, for good.

I’ve said goodbye to being overly stressed with a busy calendar. I’ve said goodbye to being everyone’s solution to a problem that they created. I’ve said goodbye to saying yes to things that I never really wanted to do in the first place.

I’m now saying hello to other things that I happily fill my time with.

I’m saying hello to more “me” time to relax, rest, travel, write, coach or do whatever I want to do. I’m saying hello to taking better care of my physical health, by getting more rest, eating well and walking. I’m saying hello to taking better care of my mental, emotional and spiritual health by taking out time to pray, meditate, sit by the lake and laugh with friends over a good meal.

What do you need to say a happy goodbye to? Who and what do you need to delete from your schedule? What activities no longer seem enjoyable? What clubs and groups no longer serve your purpose or you no longer serve them to you fullest capacity?

Once you begin saying goodbye to things and people, you will find that opportunities will become apparent to you.

Now, be careful, not to fill your schedule with things that only take up time and space, but aren’t fulfilling. Be particular with what and who you say “hello” to and keep your selections narrow. Take time to explore the pros and cons of joining a board or a community group. Ask these four questions before you join:

1. Does the mission align with my personal beliefs and desires?

2. Can I contribute in a positive way to fulfill the mission and goals of the organization?

3. Do I have the time and resources to commit to the organization?

4. What's my motivation for serving?

Ask yourself if you truly have a passion for the work or are you just finding something to do? Once your time is gone, it’s gone. Once the moment has been spent, there’s no rewinding of the clock.

So, make sure that you have the time, passion and commitment before you agree to allow something to take up residency in your life, because as the song says “it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.”

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