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Retirement Party Vision

For the last two weeks, I’ve given you exercises to help you envision your best life and your next move. Today I invite you to think about your retirement party.

This week's visioning exercise involves you imagining some point in the future, when you're going to retire or withdraw from running your very successful business or organization.

If it is your business, perhaps you have plans to hand on your business to a daughter or son. Or you may have plans to sell the business or close down your business?

However you got here, a big party is being held in your honor. This party is celebrating you, what you brought to your business or organization and what you have achieved.

So, take a moment to imagine that you're at a party celebrating you and your business! Someone has written a retirement speech celebrating you - what would it say? Use the question prompts below to help you, write the retirement speech that someone will read ABOUT you in the space below.

1. How old are you? Who is at the party? Where is the party being held?

2. What has your business achieved in the community or in the world?

3. What is it about you and your business that the people at the party truly value?

4. What would YOU want to be said about you? What would you be disappointed if it was not said?

5. What did you do that was truly amazing? Where did you surprise yourself? Where did you surprise others? What are you MOST proud of?

6. What mistakes did you make, that you can laugh about now?

7. What is the essence of your business you want communicated to whoever takes your business forwards?

Final Tip: Don't worry about writing a good speech - instead concentrate on what the speaker might say - if it helps, imagine this is a first draft of the speech, just to capture the key points.

Whenever I retire years from now, you’re all invited. I expect lots of funny stories, impactful memories of the wonderful people that I’ve met, helped and those who have helped me. I’m so excited just thinking about it, so I’ll let you get to your “Retirement Party” exercise, while I complete mine.

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