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Reset and Restoration

I recently received my 20-year service pin as a Goodwill Industries International CEO. Throughout my amazing career, I’ve had the privilege of leading teams of people who excelled during challenging times. In the last two years, we’ve implemented data systems to streamline our processes in accounting, contract services, mission services, retail and human resources.

It took time, patience and persistence, but the team did it. The system integrations were a reset for us. It has been a time to develop what we need to grow and the growth is coming by the bucketful’s! In 2022, the number of people we served grew to 5,037 individuals, a growth of 20% over the previous year.

We often hear people talk about hitting the reset button. This terminology refers to starting over or re-starting something that was left unfinished. Many times the “reset” comes after a loss of some kind, be it a job or some type of business disruption.

The powerful component of a reset is that it’s often a time of restoration, as well. To be restored is the action of returning something to a former owner, place or condition. When I think of restoration, I think of restored faith, energy and opportunity. It’s a time of getting back to where you were, PLUS SOME!

Post the rise of COVID19, business leaders are still finding themselves in reset mode. There continue to be challenges in the market from supply chain issues, increases in the price of building materials, rising energy costs, and wage increases coupled with a labor demand.

It seems as though the bleak days are behind us and business is getting back to normal. There’s still a bit of angst over what economist are calling a mild recession and high housing cost, but I’m hopeful that after what we’ve been through those are issues that can be weathered with the restoration of jobs at higher wages.

The important thing to remember is the resilience of people. Need always brings about innovation. The resilience of nonprofit and for profit leaders and the tenacity of small business owners continues to encourage me. Collectively, we are getting better and stronger each and every day, so hit the reset button and relish in the restoration.

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