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On Vacation

It’s time to take a break, reflect, celebrate, rest and reset. I’m going on vacation with my family, but before I head off to rest and reset, I wanted to encourage each of you to do the same.

This year has been pretty eventful and we’ve all worked diligently to reach our personal goals, but one thing we haven’t done is celebrate all of our successes in a big way. We’ve acknowledged the successes, but frankly we’ve been doing so much that we’ve not taken the time to dance in the sun.

So now is the time!

Everybody gets used to being on the grind and we don’t take the time or enough time to truly appreciate our success, so my family decided that before we gear up for another successful season, that we needed to pause for a praise break.

Here are a few suggestions for as you think about making time to celebrate:

1. Plan a celebratory dinner at your favorite restaurant and ask friends and family members to meet you there.

2. Schedule a photo shoot to commemorate the moment when you hit that special goal.

3. Plan a “staycation” in your hometown or a nearby town, by visiting museums, parks, beaches or other spots nearby. You can stay overnight or just for the day.

4. Do something adventurous – if that’s your pleasure. You might take a helicopter ride or go bungee-jumping.

5. Go on a “mini-vacay.” Take a quick trip to a destination spot for a long weekend and stay in a Bed & Breakfast or boutique hotel.

6. Go on a luxury picnic with friends or that special someone. Pack a catered lunch in a beautiful basket with a nice blanket, a board game or a good book, and something cold to drink.

7. Enjoy the day in nature with other outdoor enthusiasts - on the beach, on a boat, in the park, or along a hiking trail.

All of these suggestions are great to allow you time to relax, enjoy, celebrate and even reflect on all of life’s blessings.

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