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My Address Has Changed - Let's Move Together

Have you been frustrated over the lack of actionable items that you feel you are empowered to take? Has this pandemic left you feeling powerless or afraid of what the future holds?

Me too. You're not alone. If you're like me, (a bit of a control freak), then you are not okay with sitting by while the fallout of COVID19 or the latest crisis in your career or personal life happens to you. You want to at least fight back or do something to feel as though your time during this season matters.

There are a lot of things that people are doing. I've seen way more Tiktok videos than I ever wanted to see on social media and many of them are frankly "Tiknots." Some people are taking courses and learning useful skills like how to play the guitar -- something I have not yet mastered, or trying to finally become fluent in another language.

I have chosen to focus on my calling of narrowing the racial divide, which has become even more evident as a result of COVID19. I've invited friends who share my concerns for the black and brown communities in particular to study the issue of racial inequities, as well as poverty divides in our communities. It's time that we all move from awareness to resolution. That's why the title of the blog is that "My Address has Changed..."

I invite all of you to move past your comfort levels, past awareness and let's come together with real solutions on how to move our communities in a more cohesive direction, one in which all people have true access to the opportunities that the world has to offer. If you're intrigued, click here to view a short video and a few tools to engage your heart, hands and mind for a stronger, more inclusion community. This mini course is free. Feel free to invite others to this community of caring, compassionate leaders. When we work together, we all rise and our society flourishes.

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