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Move Faster Than Your Fears

For the last year and a half, I’ve been speaking, writing and coaching people on taking

advantage of the extra time that we were all forced to take due to cancelled trips, closed venues and even furloughs from work.

Many people took my advice and launched new businesses, took a few classes or started a new hobby. However, what I discovered is that in the midst of starting their new endeavors, they paused and even stopped COLD! Some paused or stopped in the beginning of their journey and some mid-way. They just stopped.

What changed? FEAR!

Fear can cause you to not respond to an email or phone call about a great opportunity. Fear can cause you to quit that class or not start that YouTube channel. Fear can ultimately cause you not to fulfill your life’s calling.

I use two methods to defeat fear:

1) Take action immediately. I was speaking about this in my Motivational Muse Mastermind Group meeting recently and my daughter phrased the solution perfectly. She said “you have to move faster than your fears.” It was brilliant! That’s right, I said. “If you stand still too long, your fears will catch up to you and over take you.”

2) I surround myself with highly motivated people. When you’re in the company of two or more people who are pushing pass their own fears and doing amazing things, it not only shows you a map to reaching success, it motivates you to keep going – despite your own fears.

If you'd like to be to be considered for an upcoming Motivational Muse Mastermind Group, say "Consider Me" in the comments.

We all have fears of failing and some have fears of becoming too successful. We all tend to overthink things sometimes. Questions begin swirling in our minds just as we begin to drift off to sleep or first thing in the morning as we’re about to get out of bed. The questions that cause us to pause too long or stop moving might be “who will I disappoint? Will the failure embarrass my family or those I respect? If I become too successful, will the success change me or make others look at me differently. Or, how can I top the last success? You might even think, “well it’s all downhill from here.”

All of those questions are rooted in fear. It’s just background noise. Decisive decisions followed by ACTION, quiets the noise.

You will still make mistakes and even fail, but you will grow and learn from every success and failure. So don’t be afraid to take that step towards your goal, just move faster than your fears.

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