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More in 2024

When I was a newspaper reporter, I was always tasked with writing a year-end wrap up article on the key stories of the year. I must admit that although it was pretty simple to do, I hated it.

I really didn't like looking back over the year and making a list of stories that I thought were provoking or important to my audience, mainly because I am a planner and I really enjoy planning for the future.

However, now I see the value and joy of taking a look in the rearview mirror. It's a great way to celebrate (again) the accomplishments made during the year and the lessons learned.

I have so many things to celebrate in 2023 and I am so grateful to all of you for encouraging me throughout the year.

So here's the short list of accomplishments and wins from 2023:

  • I established a college scholarship in memory of my maternal grandparents Aaron and Ruby Dicks and my daughters and I awarded two scholarships.

  • I began renovating my paternal grandparents home and it's nearly finished.

  • I got engaged!

  • I was awarded the PJ Trevethan Award for staff training at my organization, Goodwill Industries of East Texas.

  • I conducted DEI workshops and was a keynote speaker at several events,

  • I led my organization to a new height of being debt-free.

  • I was chosen to co-author a book with best-selling author Lisa Nichols. The book will be released in 2024 and is entitled, "Against All Odds."

My accomplishments were about 50/50 personal and professional, which is an indication of how I have learned to balance both my personal life and my career.

I also celebrated big wins for my daughters in 2023. My youngest is studying for her doctorate in political psychology and was a teacher's assistant for undergrads this year and she loved it. My oldest is celebrating her first year as an associate attorney and just purchased her first home.

So, in 2024, I want MORE please! More fun, more good times with family, more professional breakthroughs, more contracts, more opportunities to serve, more, more, more.

I hope that doesn't make me sound greedy, but I don't think there's anything wrong with being happy and yet, wanting more. Don't limit yourself to what you have now or had last year, reach for more. Take a leap forward and stretch forth your arms for more.

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