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Living Your Best Life

I recently celebrated my birthday and I celebrated it with one of my nieces. For some years, we’ve celebrated our birthdays together because her birthday is a day after mine. For a few years when she lived in Germany, I would travel to see her and we’d spend several days crisscrossing Europe and having a fabulous time.

Now she’s back in the states, but due to the pandemic, neither of us have done much traveling. This year, she travelled to Texas to celebrate with me. We spent the weekend visiting various destinations in Dallas, Waco and my town of Tyler, Tx.

If you follow me on Instagram at, you know that I enjoy decorating, cooking and making my home environment a haven. I don’t do it for social media likes, I do it just for me. I have a very creative side and it brings me joy to create through my decorating, cooking, and writing.

After my niece left to fly back home, she sent me a beautiful text the next morning. She said “I just had to tell you that you have really motivated me and showed me truly what ‘living your best life’ means as it relates to all aspects of life.”