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Light A Candle, Burn The Wick and Appreciate the Smudge

I used to be one of those people who purchased candles for the look and fragrance. But, I didn’t want to light the candle and burn the wick. I thought it was so much prettier to look at without the black smudge of the burnt wick.

If, I lit the candle, it was only for special occasions. You see, like many of you, I was raised to always keep some nice things tucked away for guests, or for some very special occasion, like an anniversary or a milestone achievement.

Let me ask you a few questions: Did your mom or grandmother, keep the “special” towels tucked away for guests? Do you have those really nice monogram hand towels that everyone in the family knows NOT to touch? What about the plates that you have beautifully displayed in your cabinet that are just for special occasions?

Today, I use it all. I make every day special for me and those around me. I now have a better appreciation for the black smudge on the candle wick.

When you light a candle, there’s a spark from the match. As the small flame bounces in the vessel that holds the candle, it heats the wax. The wax melts and the fragrance of the oils that have been infused in the wax releases a scent in the air. It’s relaxing to watch and smell. But the wick had to be burned to start the process. When you blow out the candle, the smell of the singed wick permeates the air and you’re left with a smudged wick and melted wax.

The smudge is symbolic of life. None of us will get through life, untouched. We too, will get a little burnt. The trace of the singe of disappointment, failure, and stress, will be left in our vessel, but it won’t hinder our ability to flicker again.

So, I burn candles in my home nearly every day. I use the soft, luxurious towels and I eat my food off the special plates, just for me because each day is indeed special.

Don’t wait for the “right time,” to use your special silverware or strut in those new pair of shoes. Celebrate YOU today and every day.

Light the candles in your home and in your life. Strike a match to negativity and blow the flame out on procrastination. And remember, never leave a lit candle unattended.

This advice is both for the safety of your home and your heart. Obviously, the lit candle could cause a fire if it came in contact with a piece of fabric or the vessel overheated, and exploded. Metaphorically, you also should not leave “your” candle unattended. In other words, don’t leave your care or happiness to chance. Keep a careful watch over your own emotions and needs. When there is a threat of you becoming emotionally overheated, step back and breathe. Take 10 seconds to recalibrate and calm down.

I challenge you to go through every closet, drawer, and cabinet in your home and use all of the wonderful items that you’ve been holding onto for a “special occasion.”

The special occasion is YOU and the time is right now.

You’ll get a little dirty. Your wick will burn and the wax will melt. You’ll use up your candle, but the fragrance will be even sweeter for you and everyone around you -- because you’ve enjoyed life and learned to appreciate the smudge.

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