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Let Your Challenges Be Your Motivator

When I was a little girl on the playground, sometimes I’d hear someone yell “I dare you!” That was a clue to everyone that a grand challenge had been issued. If the person being challenged did not respond. The challenger would up the ante with “I double dog dare you!”

Whoa!!! Those were fighting words and everyone would quickly gather around to see what would happen.

Being challenged is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be a positive motivator. When we’re challenged it causes us to think about solutions and/or alternatives to the challenge. The challenge can come from our bosses, our friends, family members, or an outside force.

I lead a Mastermind Group and one of the members, who happens to not only be the youngest member of the group, but my daughter as well, challenged the group in a very positive way and she didn’t even realize it.

She challenged us to get out of our “been there, done that” mindset, which breeds complacency. She asked insightful questions and she came to every meeting with clear and concise goals.

She reported on her deliverables that made us “older” professionals step up our game. She held us accountable and asked us to hold her accountable by her actions.

Little did she know, how much she was contributing to each of us. When I pointed this out in our last meeting, she said she didn’t want to be the one always taking from the group and not contributing, especially because she was the youngest member of the group.

Wow! That was one of my many proud mom moments. This is also a lesson in the value of inter-generational learning. Every person has experiences and knowledge that shape their thinking. The more age groups you bring together, the more insightful and perhaps challenging the learning journey will be.

On the other side of the coin, some challenges and challengers may cause you give up on your dreams. Those are dream crushers. And those are the challenges that you need to learn from, but not allow them to change you or over take you.

We all face challenges in life and all of them present lessons for us learn. During the same time period, my youngest daughter went through this lesson.

She was following her dreams and encountered a dream crusher. She tried every tactic to turn the situation and the person around. I encouraged her not to allow this person to ruin what she had worked so hard for, or change her calm, sweet demeanor.

In the end, her persistence paid off, but more than that, she gained an incredible amount of knowledge about who she is inside, and that my friends is a gift.

So don’t run from challenges, face them head on with integrity and an open mind to do better and be better. Let the challenge be your motivator for success.

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