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Lessons I Learned About Business from My Father

I've always had an entrepreneurship mindset and I can thank my father for that. My dad was raised on a farm in Windsor, South Carolina. The family's livelihood was all tied to the farm. He learned early how to take a handful of seeds and turn them into a profit for the household. He passed on that work ethic to his children.

Lesson #1: Take a little and make a lot. No matter what you are given, add value to it.

As an young adult fresh out of high school, with a young wife and baby on the way, he became a brick mason's apprentice and went on to own his own masonry business for many, many years.

Lesson #2: Learn from the experts and use that knowledge to build your riches by believing in yourself and investing in yourself.

When I was a little girl, he would put a huge jar of coins at my feet to count them and roll them in paper rollers. He taught me to count by counting things that had value and could be multiplied.

Lesson #3: Invest in things that can produce a return, not in things that will rot away or look good for a time and provide no long-term use. He taught me that land and houses were good to own because they would always appreciate in value if you took care of them.

When my brother went into Army, my dad turned his room into a study. He filled it with books and retired to his study nightly to read.

#Lesson #4: No matter how much you think you know, there is always something that you can learn.

My father stayed busy, he was not only running his bricklaying business, he taught brick masonry at Wando High School in Mount Pleasant, SC, and pastored several churches.

Lesson #5: Idle hands are a devil's workshop. When he was finished with his work, he often helped neighbors with their tasks at hand. Her would say, "if you treat people right, they'll treat you right."

When he wasn't reading or working, he was teaching. He not only taught lessons to his children and students in his class, but he was eager share any bit of knowledge he gained with neighbors, friends, co-workers, and staff.

Lesson #6: Share what you've learned with others. It might help someone to build heir careers or their business. It won't take away from anything that you're doing, but it will enable you to pass on a wealth of knowledge to others.

Happy Father's Day to all of the father's who are teaching valuable lessons of love, life and legacy.

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