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I Saw You In the News

I can't tell you how many times people walk up to me and say, "I saw you in the news." When I was young, one of my dreams was to become an author. I loved mysteries, so I thought that might be my path. Later, I found my path in the world of journalism.

For 12 years, I worked as a newspaper journalist. As a reporter it was my job to interview people about some event or subject and report on the facts of the story. Every news reporter must ask the four W’s and the H, which is the Who, What, When, Where and How.

Last week I wrote about the Rocking Chair Vision and provided an exercise to help you in imagining the next steps for your business or personal goals. Today, I invite you to become a journalist and write your own story of success.

In this exercise I invite you to practice your imagination by using the "newspaper article visioning technique." The purpose of this exercise is to help you first think about the success you want to achieve in your business or organization.

Change first begins in the mind and then it is followed by action. You can’t achieve it, if you don’t first believe it.

For some people this will be a challenge because they are not used to imagining. They’ve forgotten how to dream, but it’s ok, I give you permission. Return to the day of your youth when you were not afraid of dreaming or pretending that you were a singer or a basketball star.

Take that same child-like zeal and apply it to this exercise and the business or work that you do now. This visioning exercise involves you imagining you have achieved a great milestone in your business. This could be an award you have received, such as customer service, best in class in your group or top sales executive, or it could be a financial goal, number of employees, locations, products or something else. What would success in your business or organization look like for you? Now, write an article as if written by a newspaper reporter about the recent milestone and successes you have achieved.


1. Write from 250-500 words in the PAST tense.

2. Mention yourself, employees and any sources quoted by name.

3. Include recent successes and other relevant business highlights.

4. What does your success MEAN for the people reading it - how do the readers benefit?

5. OPTIONAL: What newspaper would you like to be featured in? Try (as best you can) to write in that newspaper's style.

Final Tip: Don't worry about grammar or spelling - this is about capturing your vision and essence.

Remember success first occurs in the mind, then followed by action.

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