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How Women Can Make the Most of the Post-Pandemic Market

Guest Post by Carleen Moore

Image via Pexels

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone, but it has been especially difficult for women, including working mothers or single women at the height of their careers. Many women have had their professional progress cut short due to COVID. According to certain surveys, around one out of every four women who became unemployed during the pandemic did so because of a lack of childcare.

In many ways, women face extra pressures that many men do not. However, as the pandemic wanes, women can still make the most of the post-COVID market. Whether you want to make money or follow your dreams, read these tips courtesy of Motivational Muse to learn how you can give yourself a pandemic promotion!

Generate Extra Income

You can pursue additional income streams to keep your family or yourself afloat while you build up your business idea or decide on your next move. Extra income streams can include:

● Starting a side hustle, like answering surveys, delivering groceries, and more

● Using freelance job boards to pick up additional work

● Testing websites and apps

● Working as a digital assistant

● Making money on your blog through affiliate marketing

● Selling homemade crafts on Etsy or other marketplaces

Start a Side Business

However, you can also go after that dream you’ve always had and start a side business. You may even be able to work at your new business full-time once it picks up steam!

To start a business:

● Come up with a great business idea. This usually involves finding something you can sell or provide that isn’t already offered by another company

● Write a business plan, especially if you need to secure financing

● Build a website and online presence for your new business

● Start work while you're unemployed or working from home – you may never have as much time to follow your dreams as you do now!

If you’re not sure how to structure your business, consider an LLC or limited liability company. LLCs are ideal companies for self-employed dreamers or entrepreneurs, especially if you eventually have a few employees under your payroll. They offer tax advantages, flexibility, and not too much paperwork. But keep in mind that different states have different LLC regulations, so be sure to check the rules before forming one!

Marketing for Market Success

If you want your business to have the best chance to thrive in this new economic environment, you need to market it effectively. Marketing in this day and age, especially for an at-home business, means:

● Leveraging social media frequently

● Make sure you design a Facebook ad to spread the word of your brand and business

● Using email marketing when you get people to sign up for your newsletters or make a purchase

Marketing often involves working with a skilled graphic designer or web designer so you can have attractive, slick graphics for your ads.

Get a Degree to Refine Business Skills or Change Careers

Depending on your business focus or your current skills, you might consider returning to school to get an edge over the competition by pursuing a business degree. Fortunately, online degrees are more available and accessible than ever before, and many of them can be completed while working full-time. The right online degree can help you boost your entrepreneurial skills. Or you can use the opportunity to go back to school and change careers by getting a new degree in a different subject.

Pursue a Passion Project

If starting a business or making side money doesn't interest you or isn't necessary, you can also pursue any other passion projects you may have had in mind. Maybe you've always wanted to renovate your house, or maybe you've wanted to go on a cross-country road trip.

Whatever your dreams and ambitions, go after them. Now that the pandemic is ending, make the most of your newfound confidence. Take advantage of this new job market and chase after your dreams today!

Welcome to Motivational Muse, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. My team and I have over 20 years of executive experience in the for profit and not for profit fields. Please feel free to contact us or browse our shop!

Carleen Moore has more than 25 years of experience running her own business. Familiar with the unique challenges for women in business, she is also an advocate for female entrepreneurs everywhere. In her spare time, she loves reading and spending time with her French Bulldog, Nano.

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