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Home for the Holidays

The phrase “Home for the holidays,” has a much different feeling this year. We’re all home this holiday. Families who traditionally plan trips to grandparents, dinners and parties during the Christmas season, are instead planning small intimate gatherings with immediate family.

Christmas plays and church potlucks will have to wait until next year, but the one thing that can and should continue is our faith and belief in each other.

This year, we’ve seen our neighbors step into harm’s way, as they worked on the front lines in the healthcare, retail, restaurant and social service industries. We also saw the ugliness of some with name calling and political pandering over the pandemic, racial unrest and economic fallout.

This week I challenge you to brush all of the negative thoughts to the side and focus, I mean really focus on why you celebrate Christmas. And, if you don’t celebrate this holiday, take the time to simply enjoy the lights, laughter and spirit of the season. It’s always a good time to show love. It’s always a good time for grace and gratitude. Focus on what’s really important. Your health, your family, your memories and your future.

Find something each day this week to be grateful for and exercise grace to at least one person. If your package is still “out there” and “in transit,” despite you placing the order a month ago, practice grace. We’re all under strain. Keep things as simply as you can this Christmas.

A tasty healthy meal, a warm cup of cider, a movie cuddled up with a loved one on the couch, and holiday music….that’s Christmas.

Reindeer ears on your puppy, matching Christmas pajamas and a glass of egg nog…that’s Christmas.

Singing carols, reading holiday stories and peppermint sticks….that’s Christmas.

Remembering the reason for the season…the birth of Jesus Christ….that’s Christmas.

Small intimate dinners, fewer gifts under the tree, but an abundance of love….that’s Christmas!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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