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Get Off the Sidelines

For the last couple of years, I've heard business analyst, nonprofit and corporate leaders lament over the demise of the workforce as we knew it, increasing cost of supplies and materials, and the lack of confidence in their ability to thrive in the present economy.

While the facts of the rising cost of doing business cannot be denied, to sit and wait for things to change is not always prudent. During uncertain times, opportunities often arise.

Look for those opportunities and even create them if you have to.

Take the changes in artificial intelligence for example, things are moving quickly. Don't shy away, instead jump in and learn how you can benefit from technology. Form a think-tank group to brainstorm and research how the tech industry both impacts your operation now and how you can grow or refine your operations using technology in the near future.

You don't have to be in the tech sector to impact it. In every industry sector, there are ancillary businesses that support other business sectors. For example, when a manufacturing plant opens in a city, small niche operations that support the industry benefit. They may be engineering firms, supply centers that provide nuts and bolts or small plastic bags used to ship widgets. Even restaurants that cater to the workers at the plant benefit from thriving businesses.

So, put your toes in the cold water and venture to sustain a little chill. I bet you'll find that once you start moving around, that your ideas, your business and your projects will create a bit of heat and ripples in the water.

In other words, your action and the activity of your organization will improve economic conditions and bring about the change that will cause your business and others to thrive.

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