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FOMO-Fear of Missing Out

There's a slang often used in society, especially on social medial that is expressed as "FOMO," which means the "fear of missing out."

People who struggle with FOMO, fear that they are missing out of exciting events or living life luxuriously, especially if they see their friends or social media influencers traveling or going to events that they don't have a ticket to or access to.

This feeling can bring about depression, anxiety and overspending as people experiencing FOMO try to do what they see others doing.

In the nonprofit world, I often see it too and it's a valid feeling. Nonprofits struggle with the fear of missing out on funding and support opportunities, For example, in 2014 the ALS Foundation came up with the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to raise money and awareness of the disease. ALS stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It affects the nervous system and the brain.

The idea is to pour an ice filled bucket of water over a person's head, or they could pour it over their own heads. Social media sites were filled with people dripping wet from accepting the challenge. In fact, the challenge went viral and ALS raised over $115 million dollars.

Everyone wanted to be involved. Celebrities from every genre joined in. Nonprofits jumped on the bandwagon to raise money and awareness of their causes as well. However, subsequent challenges didn't do nearly as well.

That's the problem with FOMO, sometimes it's not as good as it looks or it doesn't bring the excitement that it looked like it would. Why is that? I think it has to do with intention and authenticity.

Whatever you do, should be because you believe in it and it fits your mission. Not because you're trying to mimic another organization. So, fear not. Focus on what is truly your mission and passion. The energy you present will draw support, funding, and excitement to your cause.

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