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Eggs In A Basket

As I was changing the décor in my house for the summer, I thought about how adding layers to your décor, like pillows and a throw blanket to a sofa, is like filling a basket full of different kinds of eggs.

I enjoy decorating and admittedly I probably have too much home décor. But in my defense, I amped up my home décor collection of tableware, cloth napkins, vases, bowls and glassware during the pandemic to allow me to create beautiful spaces that would transport me mentally to another place.

Not being able to travel or go out to dinner or the movies for a long time, made me crave new spaces and places to rest and relax.

I began layering looks to enjoy more of my décor at one time. I found that every time I looked at the display, I noticed something different and intriguing. A slight change in the angle of a vase or the addition of a natural element like flowers from my garden or a few pinecones would offer a new visual experience that transcends the present time and place.

In business, one needs to change the angle or add something new to elevate the product or service. In doing so you can transport your clientele to a new level of service. Diversification is a must to remain relevant and not reliant on one type of customer purchasing one or two items.

A diversification strategy is crucial to building a company’s capacity too. Basically, a diversification strategy allows companies to grow. The growth model that many leaders use is to re-imagine their business.

For example, Disney and ABC are both in the entertainment industry, so when Disney purchased the network in 1995, it expanded their imprint in the market. They didn’t think of themselves as ONLY producing movies and shows for children, but in purchasing ABC, they sought to entertain the entire family.

For individuals, I advise a diversification model as well. Add additional skills and knowledge to your resume to make yourself more marketable. To increase your bank account, add additional income streams.

These additional income streams could be a part-time job, especially if you have a goal of paying off a bill or saving for a special purchase. It doesn’t have to be a forever job. It might also mean starting a side gig business like decorating for parties or events. It could also mean taking advantage of profit sharing, 401k or 403b plans offered by your employer.

In other words, put your eggs or trust in one basket, only if you have a variety of eggs. Keep your basket full of brown, white and even speckled eggs from different fowl. Adding layers to your life, business and your career will make things more interesting and perhaps even more profitable.

Welcome to Motivational Muse, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. My team and I have over 20 years of executive experience in the for profit and not for profit fields. Please feel free to contact us or browse our shop!

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Lisa Williams
Lisa Williams
05 Ιουν 2022

Thanks for the great weekly readings.

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