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Dreaming or Living the Dream?

At the beginning of the year, early one morning as I checked LinkedIn, I saw that I had a message requesting not only a connection, but a chance to speak with me about a new opportunity. I was intrigued as the person was from India. I have friends in India, so I thought there must be a connection to one of them.

To my surprise it was from the Director of Operations of the Della Group, owned and operated by luxury hotel developer Jimmy Mistry. After doing a little background search on the company, I agreed to a phone call later in the week. The Director of Operations, explained that Mr. Mistry had founded a global club of entrepreneurs, professionals, young leaders and influencers who would provide a link between business and lifestyle. She invited me to be an honorary member of the Della Leaders Club.

I was utterly shocked. What had I done to garner such attention at the global level? Then, I remembered that I had taped the words “Making a Global Impact,” to the center of my vision board.

I’ve been outlining my dreams and goals on vision boards for more than 10 years, but it still thrills and sometimes surprises me how my dreams leap off the board into reality. For the last couple of years, I’ve been infusing my writing, coaching and consultations with the things that make my life joyous.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you’ve seen me traveling, cooking and decorating, which are a few of my passions. There’s more to life and business, than just work. There’s the lifestyle that you make for yourself and your loved ones. The Della Leaders Club or DLC held their soft launch in June at Times Square in New York City, followed by launches in different corners of the world. DLC’s goal is to be the catalyst to transform people from a life of success to a life of significance.

This goal is also part of my personal vision statement. More than 25 years ago, as I sat at my desk writing a news story for the Post & Courier newspaper, I had the thought that I was supposed to be doing something else. I loved my job and my coworkers, and I felt incredibly blessed to be working as a journalist. I knew that many of my stories helped people, but I felt the urge to do more.

It took a huge leap of faith for me to leave the news business and try something new, but I also felt a sense of calm guiding my footsteps.

Now, as I reflect on every success and challenge, every job and business startup, I know that it was all designed to bring me to where I am today….and beyond. I don’t know what the “beyond” is, but I have faith that the same calming spirit will continue to guide my footsteps.

I encourage you to make a vision board and begin living out your dreams with passion and intention. It's simple, just gather a handful of magazines, and cut out pictures of things that represent the life that you want to lead. You can print pictures from the internet, draw or write what you want in your dream life too. Tape or glue the pictures to a corkboard, placemat, cardboard or poster board. I like using a placemat because of its size and it can stand against the mirror on my dresser without tipping over. I keep it where I can see it throughout my day. Then, begin taking actionable steps towards one of two things at a time on your vision board.

Pretty soon, you won't look at the board much, but you will continue to move towards your vision and your vision will move towards you. Just like mine did.

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