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Change Your Perspective and Flip the Script

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Life is challenging at times and tough choices often cause us to doubt ourselves.

“Did I make the right choice?” “Did I say the right thing?”

We are always second guessing what we do, think and say. It’s natural, we’re only human and that’s what humans do, right? What if we could calm the doubting thoughts in our heads and meet each question, each challenge with positivity.

You can train yourself to see things differently and in turn see yourself in a more positive light. I know what you’re thinking…”but you don’t really know all that I’ve done or the mean, nasty things that cross my mind.” You’re right I don’t know but no matter what you’ve done, thought or said, YOU are worthy of love and compassion. Your view on life and yourself has a lot to do with how things turn out for you.

Did you know that peace of mind is one of the more valuable things that you can possess? Having peace is worth more than gold, and I have the secret to getting that peace. It begins in the mind, with your perspective. You may be a believer, but if your mind and heart is filled with doubt and negativity, there’s little to no room for happiness and peace.

To gain more peace try these daily behaviors:

1. Turn negativity into positive action. Take one thing today that you feel negative about and before the day is out, take one positive action that diminishes the negativity. For example, if a friend or family member commented that they don't like something you're wearing, instead of shrinking and feeling bad about yourself, standing up for yourself and speak your truth by telling them that you didn't have them in mind when you chose your outfit that day. Focus on what you can control or fix, then work on fixing the issue what ever it is. If you can't do it alone, ask for help and seek wise advice. If a matter cannot be fixed, walk away from it and quit tormenting yourself. 2. Get a healthy outside perspective. In bad situations, people tend to contract and withdraw inside themselves. The thought: "It's my problem" leads to isolation, which makes lack and loss feel worse. No one wants to be a burden on others and everyone wants to preserve some privacy. But, other people have confronted lack and loss, survived the pain and eventually made it all the way through. It helps to talk it out with others. I bet you would be surprised at what others have been through and survived! 3. Don't get dressed for the pity party. "It's hopeless. I'm helpless. Nothing will change or ever get better." Everyone hears these words; the voice of futility persists because we were all little children who felt helpless and hopeless at times. If you indulge the voice of futility, it will pull you down to its level. So reject the temptation to indulge in a defeatist viewpoint (if you are chronically depressed, which is a serious mental condition, seek professional help). Tell yourself, "This negative voice isn't me." Gently, but firmly reject the voice of futility, and when any good thing happens, however small, remind yourself that the voice was wrong. 4. Expand your awareness. How can you expand your awareness? To begin with, set aside time every day for peace and quiet. The brain has a natural mechanism for resetting itself and getting back into balance. Give this mechanism a chance. Being under pressure, putting up with noise and stress, and never stopping to relax are counterproductive. Go into a quiet place and sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes at least two times a day. Let yourself become centered again. 5. Take full responsibility. If you want a radical cure for being a victim, here it is. Victims are dominated by external forces, such as other people and circumstances, and since outside forces cannot be controlled, it seems natural to give up responsibility for the bad things in your life. The words "I can't help it" is like a poison seed that keeps multiplying and growing. The solution is to recognize that situations change only after a person quits looking outside and starts taking responsibility. In effect, you are saying something positive: You’re saying “ This is my life.” You reclaim ownership of your life once you take responsibility. At the same time, you are stating a simple, inescapable truth. If your life isn't your own, whom else can it belong to? No one else has enough time, money, energy and love to give you everything. Abundance comes from within. When you take responsibility, you accept everything, the good and the bad, as your whole package. 6. Develop a higher vision for your life.

Vision acts like a trigger for abundance. It sets in motion a host of hidden processes, because awareness builds upon itself, as you probably have already experienced. If you practice, you get good at things. If you reinforce the positive, there is more positivity to come. Look at the people you most admire. Write down a list of heroes and heroines that inspire you, either from real life or fiction. Read biographies. Delve into scriptures and inspirational literature from the world. As you expand your search, you won't get more confused. Instead, you will find that certain elements ring true with you, over and over.

7. Celebrate life. Celebrate your successes. Keep a list, journal or dream board and make a fuss over the ones you accomplish. Yes, you are worth it and yes you are worthy!

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