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Change It Up

In the retail business, you will notice that every so often the store will be reset. The aisle that you were used to getting a certain item from is now on the opposite side of the store or a few rows over.

There's a reason for this madness. As you may suspect, this change not only to gives the store a new look, it encourages the shopper to wander through a different aisle and see new or different items that they may not have ever noticed before.

I've found that seeking out a seldom chartered space in the store grows my intellectual muscles. I become more open to change and growth. When I'm feeling stuck or at a lost for innovative ideas, I move things around in my home or my office. Adding a plant to my space helps too as it brings in "live" energy. Just a little change that causes me to look at a table, a bookcase or my desk differently, sends a signal to my brain that it's time to think of things differently.

Ideas come to me, I discover a new way of doing a particular task, and the mere exercise of changing things up even a little bit wakes me up and draws me out of a slump. You might decide to move your desk, a piece of art work or a plant. You might consider moving some things totally out of your space or organizing your files or books.

I love organization. Uniform shelves, boxes, and bins are my jam. My closet at home is color coded just like the clothing in our Goodwill stores. My pantry bins and containers are labeled. It's actually relaxing to me to organize my space at work and at home. The order helps me to compartmentalize projects and get more done. Some clutter is unavoidable, but too much is distracting to me.

Try changing things up in your space this week, but picking at least three things that you can move around in your space or organize in a tray, bin or container. The change may feel strange at first, but lean into it and see where it leads you.

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