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Are You A MVP?

You may deserve to be valued, respected and admired for what you do but your friends, family, staff, co-workers, clients and customers all have a long list of obligations and distractions competing for your time and attention. So, how do you break-free of the clutter and noise of distractions?

The answer: You gain a better understanding of what drives value for your best customers, you most trusted co-workers , your loved ones…your Most Valuable Person(s) (MVP), or those who make the most valuable impact or bring the most meaning to your life and work. If you want to be essential and relevant you must make sure that you are delivering value to MVP’s and that they recognize their value.

What value do you find in yourself? What talent and gifts do you have that your use in your work? How do you share them with others? How can you do more?

What are the most important lessons in life that you have learned that you can share with others (staff, co-workers, family and friends)?

This week sit with a MVP and find out what they value? Here are some questions to help you get started. Ask them the following:

1. What have been some high points in your life and what was valuable about those experiences?

2. What have been some low points and what was upsetting about those experiences

3. What can I do to be more valuable to you?

Look at what they value and How you can bring more of what they love into their


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