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Adjust Your Position

I recently purchased a new chair for my home office. It was a bit pricey, but I absolutely loved the style and functionality of this simple piece of furniture. The Scandinavian design with its straight lines and compact frame are much different than the laid back cushiony feel of my old desk chair.

Now, when I sit at my desk, I notice that my posture is straighter. This chair makes a statement that says “it’s time to get to work.” My old chair said, “sit back and relax a while.”

In life we all need something or someone to help us adjust our posture.

In my role as a CEO, I do that for my staff. In my role as an Executive Coach and Consultant, I do that for my clients.

Procrastination, fear, and doubt are all places of comfort. I know that sounds strange, because none of those things are places we want to reside. However, the truth is, we find ourselves there and it’s very difficult to move out of those spots of miserable comfort without adjusting our position.

This reminds me of the instinct of the mother bird who has just hatched her baby birds. First, in preparation of the hatching, the mama bird flies out to gather soft “bedding” for her nest. This “bedding” might be pieces of discarded tissue or paper, thread or cloth, moss and soft grasses.

She makes sure that the nest is comfortable and has plenty of soft support to hold her babies. Once the eggs hatch, she feeds them and nurtures them and gives the baby birds some time to adjust to their nest.

Depending on the species after a few weeks, it’s time for the birds to go from “hatchlings” to “fledglings.” This simply means it’s time for them to flee the nest and fly away to make their own way in the world.

While many birds will instinctively do this on their own without any prompting, some will need help to realize their destiny. In steps mama bird.

She will take her talons or beak and stir up the nest to expose the more thorny pieces of the nest, making it uncomfortable to perch in. The baby bird is forced to stand on the edge and then nudged to fly.

The mama bird watches and if necessary, she will scoop up the bird before it hits the ground and place it back safely in the nest, until the baby bird is ready to try again.

In business, we all have decisions to make that are frightening at times. Changes in company culture and the impact of hiring, building and nurturing a growth mindset, and remaining competitive in the marketplace, all require an adjustment.

Look at your old chair – which may equate to the old way of doing business and imagine how you might sit differently in a new chair, with a new attitude and a new determination.

Contact me at if I can help you as a leader or help your company to make the adjustments you need to make. Check out my website at

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