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Accountable to Who?

Are you accountable to your vision? You may have a long list of your goals and your vision board displayed proudly in your office, but do you have a method to keep yourself accountable?

There are goal-setting manuals, apps and all kinds of programs that can be used to help track your goals, but if you don’t use them, it’s all for nothing. It’s really about self-accountability which means to take responsibility for your actions and inactions. It also means following through with your goals and promises to yourself.

There’s a difference between goals and a vision. A vision is visual and a goal is a result of the vision. You want to create a vision that you can see in your mind. This vision should be so strong that it creates a strong desire to accomplish it. This will help you to follow through with the action steps necessary to reach each goal and fulfill the vision.

A lot of people have what’s called “fantasy goals.” These are goals that are grand in nature, but the person has not put any effort into reaching the goals. They might be things like buying a Rolls Royce or taking a year-long cruise around the world. People sometimes throw out these audacious goals so that they aren’t expected to reach them. Both the luxury car and the dream trip are possible, they only require some action before the goal can be realized.

Holding yourself accountable is difficult because excuses always arise and these excuses conceal themselves as “situations.” Studies have shown that people will often shift the blame from themselves to other people or situations. It simply feels better to think that it’s not your fault. It may not be your “fault” but it is still your responsibility.

Being accountable is an exercise in your personal growth and development. Sometimes we as professionals think that we are good in the accountability area, but if you are late to appointments often, late with reports or blame others for your shortcomings, then you have issues holding yourself accountable.

If this is the case, here are a five tips to help build your level of accountability:

1. Set your goals and add timelines to them to keep you on track.

2. Partner with a colleague or business group to be your accountability partner.

3. Keep a positive attitude about reaching your goals, in other words be your own cheerleader.

4. Acknowledge the wins – put a check mark or star next to the accomplished goals on your list or vision board.

5. Stir and repeat. As you complete 2 or 3 goals, develop a few more to keep the momentum going.

Success is in your reach, if you hold yourself accountable to setting goals and seeing them through to the end.

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