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A Year of Gratitude and Growth

Last year, I and many others, declared 2020 as a year of vision. Wow! I had no idea just how open my eyes would be or how clear my vision would get. When everything that I thought I had, knew, or had planned to do, got pushed to the side. I wondered what was going on. What was I supposed to see?

Let me tell you, 2020 was a year of many visionary moves for me. Every challenge opened doors of opportunities and I stepped through each one of them. Here’s a quick list of the blessings of 2020:

*5x my business consultations

*Started a podcast

*Recorded my 2nd book for Audible – soon to be released

*Started writing my 3rd book – release date to be announced

*Started a Youtube Channel

*Doubled efforts on Instagram and Facebook

*Hit my personal savings goal

*WAAAAAAAYYYYYY Surpassed fundraising goals at Goodwill Industries of East Texas

*Led our national network of Goodwill through the launch of a diversity, equity and inclusion toolkit

*Completed remodel of Goodwill Industries of East Texas headquarters

*Awarded Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Award by Goodwill Industries International

*Helped several organizations start their own DEI work

This is just a short list of accomplishments that I am grateful for.

This year, 2021 will be even bigger and better. How do I know? I’m glad you asked.

I know because of my mindset. I practice asserting a positive purposeful mindset daily.

Let me be clear, I’m not happy all the time, but when I notice that I’m thinking or talking about negative things, I stop and shift my thinking. Sometimes it takes a minute, sometimes it takes an hour. The key is that I notice what I’m thinking about or talking about. It takes practice.

Next, I educate or enlighten myself every day, by reading or listening to other transformational coaches, via Youtube or podcast. I started reciting positive affirmations this year and this was a game changer in helping me to change my mindset.

I admit, I still enjoy a little mindless television sometimes, but I spend my energy on things that teach me something or elevate my mind. I also limit my interaction with negative people or situations, which only serve to drag you down to a level of discontent and misery.

What will your list of grateful accomplishments look like at the end of 2021? Start noticing what you’re thinking about, spending your time, money and energy on, and what you’re talking about. Practice shifting from negative, useless chatter in your mind, to positive, uplifting thoughts and affirmations.

Memorize or read this affirmation statement every day for the next 30 days and see what happens: "The next 30 days will be full of new beginnings that will set me on a path of happiness, love and prosperity."

Here's wishing you the best in 2021!

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