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A Father’s Preparation

Fathers are a child’s first teacher, first spiritual leader, their earthly provider and protector.

They carry the weight of heritage on their shoulders and the light beam of legacy in their hands. So to all fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers and father figures – I honor you with this tribute.

Weightlifters prepare for competition by increasing the heaviness of the weights they lift.

Me and my dad

Men prepare for the job of fatherhood by first caring for the women who give birth to their precious gift.

Fathers strengthen their arms to hold and comfort their little ones from the noises that go bump in the night.

Their nurturing touch is different than a mother’s because it comes at a high price.

Their strength is sometimes viewed as a weakness and their sternness as cold ice.

Fathers go to work every day to make a living to keep their families fed.

They are careful with their earnings to insure a roof is overhead.

They pray and meditate on the word of God to maintain a spiritual covering.

Some find it hard to express their feelings, but I’m here to tell you that their actions are expressions of their loving.

So with the cuff links, tools and other gifts we might present to them, let’s not forget that their work doesn’t end at five, eight or ten.

Fatherhood, although thankless at times, carries the seed of legacy, the light of eternity, and the tie the binds to the future.

Happy Father’s Day

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