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A Baker's Dozen

Have you ever had repair work done to your car and when the job was completed, you found out that the mechanic did extra work as a courtesy without charging you? Maybe you experienced superior customer service at a restaurant, where your wait staff person not only provided pleasant and efficient service, but went the extra step to insure that your meal was prepared to perfection.

In the bakery business, they call that getting “a baker’s dozen.” It’s when you get the dozen doughnuts that your ordered, but the baker adds one more. It’s that extra attention or that “yes, and then some” approach. It’s giving what is expected in terms of good service, with a little extra because you value the customer.

That’s how I try to approach everything in my life. At work, I give my best, but then I add a little extra throughout the day because I value my staff, my community, and those we serve. With my coaching and consulting clients, I give them what I promised to provide, but I add a little extra because I value the trust they have in me to a good job.

How wonderful would life be if everyone gave a baker’s dozen to their customers, clients, co-workers, family members and friends?

If we all did just a little bit more than we were asked to do, if we all picked up one more piece of litter from the ground and disposed of it properly, or if we spent just 15 more minutes on a work project, how would that impact our co-workers, employers, or the community?

I encourage you to give a little more time, a little more effort, a little more energy, a little more kindness, a little more positivity, and a little more love and see how you feel.

I bet you feel better about yourself and the effort that you put forth. I bet you’ll feel more accomplished, even if no one notices at first.

Believe me, when you do a little more, and give the extra attention to a project or your relationships, it will be noticed over time, but your efforts have to be consistent.

The baker doesn’t give the extra doughnut to just a few customers, here and there, who order a dozen doughnuts, he does it every time.

So add the extra treat to every situation and in every relationship. You’ll notice that the real gift, comes right back to you in the satisfaction you get not only in doing your best, but in the sweetness that your presence brings to others.

It’s just like those colorful sprinkles on top of your favorite doughnut.

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